For Local authorities and Schools, we have developed an education and specialist mentoring model for young people, such as those who are in care or who require alternative and additional provision. This has evolved from our work with thousands of young people both in and out of school and delivered by teachers and mentors of excellence who have been trained in LMP (Leadership mentoring programme) by our strategic partner, Coreplan. Our model is based on the 5 ‘A’s approach:

Aspire Learner

5 ‘A’s Approach

  • Assessment for learning and personal development
  • Aspirational futures mapping
  • Academic rigour and accredited outcomes
  • Achievable targets for success
  • Authentic and safe relationship building


Case Study: Helen had experienced sexual abuse and moved foster placements for much of her young life, which had understandably had impacted on her schooling and educational attainment. As part of the package of foster care provision, we were contracted to provide specialist one to one tuition in English and Maths to reach the minimum target grade of C in just over 6 months. Her initial assessment showed that although only achieving an E and an F respectively, she was more than capable of achieving the minimum target with focussed hard work. However the emotional or psychological damage resulting from her previous experiences had made it difficult for her to apply herself in the past. In light of that fact, we were also asked to provide specialist psycho-dynamic support through mentoring. This additional provision strengthened Helen’s emotional resilience and together with targeted tuition and exam mastery techniques, consequently enabled her to achieve the C’s she needed.

Case Study: James was doing well at school in London. Apart from a couple of exclusions in year 9, he was on track to take 8 GCSE’s and a BTEC Level 2 in Science, until his brother got stabbed and nearly died and a close friend was actually killed. It was no longer safe for his family in the area, he could no longer attend school and he and his family had to be relocated to another borough. He was afraid to travel on buses and spent his early tuition sessions with us, rocking anxiously. He had a few months to go until his GCSE exams and his coursework was far from complete. The school commissioned us to provide a full-time enhanced tuition in English, Maths Science and careers progression package. 3 months after completing our programme, he took 5 GCSE’s, gained a Distinction in Science and went on to do a level 3 BTEC Applied Science course at college.

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Raise Student AttainmentFor aspirational parents we have designed SATs, GCSE and A level Boot camps, as well as leadership and enterprise development opportunities for young people who want to accelerate their progress and be prepared for academic and economic success.

Aspire Prep

If you wish to register your child for a Boot camp and you live in London, please visit and download the admissions form.

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